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By the way, you can call me Tito.
It's the nickname for the small Ernesto [Ernestito-Tito].

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I am a 27-year-old German-Nicaraguan designer. I grew up bilingually in Hamburg, Berlin and Mexico City. Coming from an artistic family it was pretty obvious I was going to be a creative professional. So instead of going to high school I completed a graphic design apprenticeship at the Lette–Verein in Berlin. Shortly before the end of my apprenticeship I discovered service design and realized I wanted to do more than just* designing logos and posters. Since then I've shifted to a more holisitc approach, studied interface design at the FH Potsdam, did the Basic Track at the HPI School of Design Thinking and worked at Fuxblau for 5 years, a service design agency in Schöneberg. Our mission at Fuxblau: translating user needs into business models. This included research, wireframing, prototyping, testing, visual design and co-running workshops.



Currently available for new projects/jobs in Berlin or remote. After finishing my interface design bachelor at FH Potsdam in July and after 5 years at Fuxblau it's time for something new. I'd love to work in these areas: public sector, capturing and delivering stories, serving authentic food, enjoying music and of course, somehow saving our planet along the way. Design should be at the core of the organisation, ideally integral to all aspects of the organisation. The organisation should have a healthy and sustainable business model. Ideally a 4-day week. And I want to be able to share more of my work again, so less NDA's please.


Some random facts

I eat lots of sweets and unhealthy food but somehow never gain weight. I am seriously afraid of the end of the universe. I make my favorite guacamole. Always up for sports and board games. The best purchase for my flat was a slow closing toilet seat. The only reason I have an Xbox 360 is to play Halo a few times a year with friends or cousins. I still enjoy watching Spongebob Squarepants and Dragon Ball. I love chocolate but not chocolate ice cream. My favorite soda: Rojita. Humanist technologist. I keep misspelling neighborhood again and again. I am an optimist. I've driven down a volcano on a board. Huge Simpsons fan when I was a kid — I got the comics, series, figures, cards, stickers, PEZ dispensers and more. I enjoy observing how people observe other people. I like to take care of my fingernails. My favorite summer drink: Aperol Spritz.


What others say about me


José — flatmate since ‘14

Tito is, from all of my friends, the one who’s most passionate about his work. It’s usually hard to talk without him interrupting because he has a new idea. He will open his eyes until they’re about to pop out and then shout into the conversation “Guys, guys… I have an Idea! Imagine…”. This usually happens while trying some new restaurant in the neighbourhood. We are both passionate about good food, especially tacos. Although I wouldn’t say Tito nourishes himself from food. He just needs crazy ideas and projects to stay alive. He would probably need 100 Lives to achieve all of the 178.200.473 projects that are on his bucket list. But the thing that amazes me the most, is that all of his projects always have the goal of making people happy. Whether it is by trying to make their lives a little less complicated or just by paying attention to details that others underestimate. This guy is just full of surprises.

Saskia Uppenkamp | Photographer -

Olga — colleague at Fuxblau from ‘14 – ‘18

I met Tito 2011 when he was 19 years old and the youngest participant at the Global Service Jam in Berlin. Despite his young age, he was blending in with the other much more experienced professional designers, design thinkers and innovation experts, because of his curiosity. He became the first employee of our company Fuxblau when we founded it in 2013. Tito is an extremely curious and open-minded person. He is eager to learn new tools and methods and highly motivated to acquirsee new skills. Although Tito works as a user experience and service designer in our company, we also highly value his skills as a maker and tinkerer.


Lydia — mother since ‘91

Tito is my most beautiful gift to myself: a tall young man, a mirror image of his father, cheeky and charming. Wonderful he did not become a moral coward despite both parents’ ego trips but flourished into a restless and determined mind. At times he brings me to the point of despair when he tries to make me happy at any price or get me enthusiastic about his newest ideas demanding long discussions. But I feel instantly reconciled once he asks me for advice or just gives me a hug. A lovable tormentor!


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Boring old CV


Design & Prototyping
May 2014 – Today | Berlin

Service Design Internship
June – August 2012 | Remote

Graphic Design Internship
University of Arts Bournemouth
December 2011 – May 2012 | Bournemouth, UK

Graphic Design Internship
PLEX Group
August – October 2011 | Berlin

Design Education

Interface Design, Bachelor
University of Applied Sciences Potsdam
2013 – Today | Potsdam

Design Thinking, Basic Track
HPI School of Design Thinking
Summer Term 2016 | Potsdam

2-Weeks Hardware Accelerator with Superclock Accelerator
Batch 2014 | Berlin

Graphic Design Apprenticeship
2008 – 2011 | Berlin


Secondary School, Boarding School
Schulfarm Insel Scharfenberg
2006 – 2008 | Berlin

Secondary School
Alexander von Humboldt
2005 – 2006 | Mexico City

Secondary School
Montessori del Ajusco
2004 – 2005 | Mexico CIty

Primary School
Christian Förster
1999 – 2000 | Hamburg

Primary School
Gabriela Mistral
1998 – 99 + 2000 – 2004 | Berlin

I’m looking for interesting projects to join or co-start. Let’s work together!

+49 176 812 75 316