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Epic Llama

Surprise weekend trip with strangers and fun challenges

Surprise weekend trip with strangers and fun challenges

Would you like to break out of your comfort zone, meet inspiring people and discover a new city? Last year I met 5 strangers at the airport, flew to Bucharest for a weekend, drank shots with strangers, got a piggyback ride from strangers, ended up giving free hugs to strangers, went on a scavenger hunt… and came back to Berlin with 5 new friends. 100% recommended if you want to break out of your daily routine, meet new people and challenge yourself!

Photo of me with sunglasses, an inflatable banana in the right hand and a free-hugs sign in the left.

We plan epic adventures to surprise destinations where you will have to complete a series of fun challenges that will make you discover the city in a totally unique and fun way! You won't know where you're going until 1 hour before departure. You can either plan your own adventure with friends (from anywhere in Europe) or join a small group of awesome, like-minded travelers (aged 20-35s).

Updated on
September 27, 2019