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Share your stuff with neighbours and strangers

Share your stuff with neighbours and strangers

Such a great project. They also have a map so you can share with more people than just your direct neighbours.

Pumpipumpe is committed to more conscious and sustainable consumption. What do we really have to own and what are we able to easily share? How often do we actually use our power drill? How many vacuum cleaners does an apartment building need?

Pumpipumpe makes all the useful things which are rarely used that are hidden in homes, cupboards, boxes and basements, visible. The mailbox stickers draw attention neighbours who pass on a daily basis. The goal is to create a dialogue between neighbors and discuss the potentials of urban neighborhoods being real active networks, especially in the age of increasing digitization.

Pumpipumpe is not a ready to use product but a tool that can and will help you activate your own real network in the neighborhood.

Stick the stickers of the items you are willing to lend on your mailbox and then share the rest with your neighbours! Pass on the remaining stickers to your neighbours, this way you can find people who have items that you do not have. Spread the word about Pumpipumpe. The more households join in, the better it works!

Updated on
July 14, 2019