All my stupid and genius ideas. Let’s collaborate!

Board game prototyping kit

All the materials you need to prototype a new game such as dice, cards, tokens, chips etc.

Card set with rules for card games

I am very bad at remembering card game rules. Imagine  a visual summary of the rules of a card game on a single card so all the cards fit in the same deck. Ideally 2 copies of each rule card.

CO₂ dashboard with infographics that compare how much certain industries, companies, countries and lifestyle impact our planet the most

Every day we are confronted with new numbers about how we are destroying our planet. But where should we start? By visualizing the CO₂ emissions we can better understand where to start.

Digital maps to discover the local stories from everyday people.

Imagine walking through the city and being able to listen and see the stories people have shared on the internet. Basically a story aggregator with a map. And now imagine how people in 10 or 100 years will able to re-live and re-experience our lives. History will be written and documented by everyone.

Service that improves the accessibility of memes by identifying the original image and making the text more legible

Weather app showing how you should dress instead of the weather conditions

To prevent the overuse of a typeface it can only be bought a certain amount of times

Onesie with an integrated pillow

Video of people dancing in a club which then zooms into individuals and shows them during their everyday life

Could also work as an interactive video.

Recognize a playlist by adding this information to an inaudible frequency

Imagine you could not only shazam a song but also the playlist.

Search engine congratulates you when you searched for something the first time ever

Hammock with guitar strings

Infographics visualizing the prices of basic items like light, bread etc.

A beautiful Faraday cage for smartphones in restaurants that also wirelessly charges them

Sticker mit »Wer wird Millionär?« Fragen über Klingelschilder kleben

Stone with a headphone jack

Ability as a sender to define the kind of notification the recipient will get

What if the sender could classify a message as non-urgent so the recipient does not get a notification. The recipient then gets a reminder once a day for all the non-urgent messages.

Two daily curated 3-minute videos for brushing your teeth

Messages organized by persons instead of apps

Print a face on a hand fan

App recognizes the voice of different people and tracks how long they speak during a meeting

Infographic of how the median human would have to live to prevent the destruction of our world

Visualizing a CV as a map or comic

Platform comparing the services, advantages and disadvantages of nations

Joint-calendar-poster is a perforated A2 poster with 365 paper tips with the date and an inspirational quote

Platform or Facebook app to find people in a similar situation eg. studying design, recovering from a breakup, same dream etc.

Translate a sentence from sign language to spoken englisch and back and forth a few times to understand how much information is lost

App which converts text into a sign language video

Translate and rebrand the news from another country to make it look like it happened here

Recreate the army pattern with mold

Everyday objects which make fart sounds so you always have something to blame

Sticker of a doorbell with Jérôme Boateng’s name

Smartphone recognizes if somebody else is using your phone and deactivates all those embarrassing notifications

Alternative national flag made of all the flags of its immigrants

Clothes borrowing service at airports

Bookmarking apps that show from where and whom I got the link

Smart stethoscope allows you to listen to the stories of objects

Interactive timeline with all the necessary inventions to create the lighter

Maps showing you the safest route home based on criminality data

Note: this should not exist.

Exhibition of walls and borders throughout history

Sweets, fruits or nuts at the top of every bouldering route as a reward

Interactive timeline with all human inventions and interconnections

The »Three-sip-beer« is the size of a standard bottle but only has three sips of beer and basically 95% glass

Humorous integration kits for different countries and cultures

New language based on the phonetic alphabet

Collection of digital fears like duplicate files

Create a brief user experience report and then offer it to the company to get the next job

Page on my website with all the stuff I want to get rid off

Parabolic mirror grills in public parks

Make the dishwasher sound like the sea

Print Pinterest boards as a book

Photo series of a seat in a subway showing all the people that sat on it throughout the day

Illustrators from around the world illustrating their favorite sex position

Beautiful spherical tokens with a NFC chip to link to a music playlist

Logo made of jelly

An array of switches to keep track of who cleaned the kitchen, bathroom and living room the last time

A series of blog posts describing hidden design details

Photo series of children in their bedroom with their stepparents

The »Helper Gym« is a platform to post and find fitness tasks like helping with a relocation, a construction or chopping wood

So instead of going to the gym you work out by helping your fellow humans.

Smart book plays sound and background music depending on which page you are

App or website recognizes your reading speed and automatically scrolls for you

When paying taxes or getting money from the state I also see the first name and approximate location of my fellow citizens who payed or received that money

A dumb watch made of a beautiful stone that doesn’t show the time

Ability to zoom in by moving your phone closer to your face

Weather app that shows you how to dress instead of the weather conditions

Feel-good-box includes all kinds of objects that feel good to touch, squeeze and rip apart

Of course only using scraps.

Collection of the most neglected interfaces around the world

In monitor-mode your printer will take a screenshot and print it as fast as possible

Attach all kinds of shakers to cleaning utensils to make music while you clean

Mobile app that visualizes sound as a circle and by placing a glass of water on top of the screen you get disco glass

Website that allows to create beautiful and simple signs to print out

At the same time those ugly signs people create in Word or PoewerPoint are also kind of beautiful.

Photo series of thousands of people to show the infinite sexual spectrum

Interactive painting of a glass of water showing how much water you should drink today

Infographic showing number and location of active soldiers around the world

Meal recreated with painted rocks

Coloring book but with beautiful black and white photos and only a black pen

Recycle old stuffed animals into one big pillow

Create a spicy salsa with my Mexican friend José and call it »Los José’s«

Alphabet made by connecting the moles of my flatmate José

Business card made of pcb to create different electronical devices

Weekly physical newspaper with all the articles I didn’t read

Apparently this has been done before but they ran into copyright problems and had to shut down.

Smart water tap shows water consumption by shortly interrupting the waterflow

Photo series of 404 errors but in real life

Decorate a leafless tree with green plastic waste

Photo series at the airport of people before and after their holidays

Everywhere chair

Replacing the four legs with adjustable and extendable legs, similar to tripod legs. Now you can take this chair wherever you go and always sit evenly.